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AutoCAD was initially developed for small to medium businesses, because its large capacity made it more economical for large projects than other applications, such as AutoCAD LT. At the time, Autodesk considered only a few people who needed this type of software, therefore they spent more time developing it for that few people instead of making it easier to use. As a result, the initial version was very difficult to use, despite its large capacity.

Since then, AutoCAD has become a popular tool for engineers, architects, product designers, artists and others who need to plan, visualize, and draw their ideas.

In AutoCAD, the user creates a drawing on the computer screen, shapes are created, lines are connected to each other, and shapes are converted to vectors. Vector-based graphics in AutoCAD is used to develop 3D computer models for architecture and design. AutoCAD is also used by engineers and architects to create drawings of spaceframes, structural drawings and parts and assemblies, and by educators and trainers to teach engineering and architecture.

AutoCAD was originally intended to be a CAD and drafting program, but it has since evolved into a full-featured office suite, offering word processing, spreadsheets, presentation graphics, and a range of business and graphic applications.

AutoCAD is available as a desktop app for computers with internal graphics controllers, as a mobile app, or as a web app.

AutoCAD is not the only application available that has CAD/drafting features.


AutoCAD LT is a smaller, more affordable version of AutoCAD. AutoCAD LT was introduced in 2001 and is targeted at small and medium businesses, or to companies who prefer to have an inexpensive alternative to AutoCAD. In this version, the user cannot modify the file after creation and can only save it. In addition, it has less capacity than AutoCAD and it is less expensive. It is offered in both English and Spanish.

AutoCAD LT can open and save files in Windows based formats, AutoCAD DWG (2D), DXF (2D and 3D), DXF (2D and 3D), IGES, and STEP. Users can also open and save in non-Windows based formats, including CDR (computer-drawing record).

AutoCAD LT is intended to be used by those who need

AutoCAD 2017 21.0 Crack

Web applications

AutoCAD Torrent Download LT provides the ability to use AutoCAD objects and features in a Web browser. Objects and features that are in “standard” AutoCAD LT are downloaded and saved to a file, which can then be opened and viewed. All other objects and features, as well as those specific to each LT version, are downloaded and stored on the local PC and are not available in a web browser. These files can be sent to a third party who can view them.

AutoCAD LT 2.5 introduced the DXF, drawing exchange format, which allowed an object to be exported and then loaded in other programs. This is a common way to publish an entire drawing. 3D models and textured models are also available. The DXF format supports both 2D and 3D, and can also be used to create model views. 3D is limited to surface models (not rendering of objects and properties).

VBA or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is an Automation development environment that uses Visual Basic as its core. Its interface resembles that of MS Office Excel and is made up of modules, each of which is a discrete package of programming code. These modules can be called by macro commands found in the VBA editor.

Other applications

AutoCAD Architecture is a package for conceptual design using a modeling application called ArchiCAD. The package integrates with AutoCAD to create Revit models from archiCAD components and change them in either ArchiCAD or AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Electrical is an application developed by Archimedes Systems which is sold as a package with AutoCAD LT (formerly Architecture) by Autodesk. The package contains several features not found in AutoCAD LT.

AutoCAD Civil 3D, developed by PTC, was the first commercially released version of AutoCAD. It was available for the Windows operating systems. Subsequent versions of AutoCAD were integrated with Civil 3D.

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 was released in 2008 and supports parametric design and generation of PDF drawings. AutoCAD Civil 3D is discontinued in favor of Civil 3D Architect, which is now based on the same design platform.

AutoCAD MEP is a specification-based software product for the global engineering, construction, and utility industry.

Objects and properties
Objects and properties can be created in AutoCAD. Objects are basic building blocks and

AutoCAD 2017 21.0 [Latest] 2022

When you start Autodesk Autocad to the first time, you’ll be asked to enter a license key.

You can choose to activate the trial or the full version by answering the question.

Open the serial key generator and paste the key.

Save the serial key.

Go to the place where Autodesk Autocad is installed and click on the key that you saved.

When you click on the button, the license will be activated.


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What’s New in the?

Markup Import lets you import simple text comments and annotations or rich graphics, such as screenshots or PDF documents, directly into your drawings. Markup Import combines text comments from the drawing with a user-friendly UI to provide rapid feedback on your designs and eliminate the need to import and manipulate images.

Markup Assist lets you scan a large number of files and comments to generate a document for input into your drawings. This saves time and effort and cuts back on file management.

File Merge and Unmerge:

The new File Merge function lets you create a drawing from parts of other drawings. Drag and drop files into an existing drawing, or import a drawing that is not in your workspace.

Add existing drawings to new drawings with the Unmerge tool. Simply select one or more existing drawings and drag them into the workspace.

Paint Tools:

The new Spray Paint Tool lets you easily create stunning three-dimensional illustrations. Use the brushes to paint on complex surfaces or stretch and roll out 3D paint. Or explore two-dimensional paints including Splatter Paint, Poster Wash, Splatter Paint 2D, Mosaic Paint, and Stamper Paint.

Rapidly scale objects and backgrounds without compromising accuracy. You can customize the presets, type in your own dimensions, and select a grid to ensure consistent results.

You can import or draw from your model as a way to get the dimensions or measures you need. The System Equation tool lets you calculate the sizes of parts that are not connected on your model. It also gives you the answer to a wide range of geometry and sizing questions, such as how big a hole you can punch in a wall or the size of a rectangle that a person can pass through.

The new drawing tools let you quickly and easily share your designs with others. Easily send a 2D or 3D model as an email attachment or upload it to a cloud server.

Inventor, but not a design engineer? Inventor no longer requires additional training to use. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel can use the new digital tool to design and generate metal and plastic parts, install them in an assembly, and view and print the parts.

3D PDF Printing:

Print parts that you design, model, and import directly into your drawings. The 3D print service also supports a wide range of materials, such as metal, plastic, ceramic, and glass. Inventor is

System Requirements:

The game requires a modern CPU to run at 1080p and 2560×1440.
Recommended specs include 8 GB RAM.
Modern GPU.
Minimum specs are based on a Core i3 CPU.
Windows 7
DirectX 11 compatible GPU
Mac Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.9
Mac Pro 4.1
Two USB 2.0 ports
OpenGL 2.1 compatible GPU
Windows Requirements: